Embalming Room Ventilation

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Minimum standards required for high-risk autopsies

shall only be carried out in institutions with appropriate environmental controls and impeccable work practices. In addition to standard measures, the facility should have:

  1. Ventilation of the autopsy suite that achieves at least 12 room air changes per hour. The autopsy suite should be a negative pressure area with respect to the surrounding environment.
  1. Ventilation that is vented directly to the exterior (at a suitable height, and clear of other buildings) or recirculated within the building only after adequate HEPA filtration.
  1. Ventilation should be directed away from the operators’ breathing zone, usually achieved by downdraught ventilation systems (ceiling entry, floor exit directional flow).
  1. Movement in and out of the high-risk autopsy area should be controlled and restricted to the bare minimum of personnel. Such movement shall occur via a decontamination area where clothing worn during the autopsy can be removed and isolated for disposal.
  1. Observers of high-risk autopsies should be confined to a viewing area which is physically separate and with a separate source of ventilation from the high-risk suite.
  1. Personal protection of an adequate standard must be used by all personnel present in the high-risk suite, irrespective of their duties.
  1. Clean-up and decontamination procedures must be adhered to.
  2. Monitoring of staff and of environmental control measures is essential.

As per reference: http://www.business.govt.nz/worksafe/information-guidance/all-guidance-items/