Zephyr Ventilation System

Cost Savings

Our system spends the winter days filtering warm air into your home so you only use your heater to top up the temperature once the sun goes down. The system monitors the temperature inside your home and will limit cold air intake during the night hours to avoid over-cooling, thus minimizing unnecessary use of your heating system.

The Zephyr Home Ventilation System uses fire-rated insulated ducting to reduce noise while delivering air throughout the home at the correct temperature.

Why Home Ventilate

Protect Your Home and Assets

Through a major reduction in condensation and relative humidity, not only are you preserving the life of your soft furnishings, drapes and carpets, but the condition of the entire home structure. All Zephyr systems are installed by qualified technicians and receive a Certificate of Compliance.

Ease of Use

With the Zephyr Pure Air system you’ll only need to set the time and desired home temperature once during winter and again in summer, then just let the system work automatically and quietly in the background, 365 days of the year. There’s no point investing in a system that you only use in the winter, is there?


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