Condensation Control

The average household can generate up to 30 litres of water per day inside the home. The Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System removes condensation and humidity by expelling the damp air and replacing it with dry air.

Pure Air

Breathe easily in a dry, allergen and pollen free home. With the dampness removed from the house, dust mites cannot thrive.

No More Odours or Dampness

There is no reason to wake up to last night’s cooking smells or coming home to a damp house. In a 12 hour period the air in your home is completely replaced, 365 days a year.

Positive Air Pressure

The Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System creates a positive air pressure by forcing filtered fresh air into your home, which naturally pushes out stale and damp air.

Free Heat

Did you know that even on winter days the air in your roof space can be quite warm? The Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System spends the day transferring any heat in the roof through the HEPA filter into the home to increase the home temperature.

Existing Heating Systems

With a Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System installed, your home is kept at an even temperature. It takes a lot less energy to heat dry air and, when needed, your existing heating systems can bring the temperature up to your comfort level in no time. A major reduction in heating costs can be achieved with a Zephyr system.

Summer Cooling

During the warmer months the Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system will automatically bring cool outside air into the home to thermostatically reduce the temperature to a comfortable level.

Heat Transfer

There is an option to add a Heat Transfer kit to your Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system. This will allow you to move warm air from a room with a radiant heat source like a fire, through the HEPA filter and existing ductwork, to other areas of the home.

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