Home Ventilation Systems

Poor Home ventilation allows moisture and airborne pollutants to build up inside your home. This can cause health problems such as asthma for you and other members of your household. Moisture can also make your home uncomfortable to live in and damage its structure.

Home Ventilation Systems, Does it really make any difference?

Yes. A 2005 BRANZ survey of the condition of New Zealand homes found that many were damp and poorly ventilated.
Most bathrooms relied only on windows for ventilation. Only half of kitchens vented moist air to the outside. And 40% of timber-framed homes had poor or seriously inadequate subfloor ventilation.

The Symptoms

  • Musty smells in rooms that are closed for any period of time
  • Damp or mouldy clothes or shoes in wardrobes
  • Mould or mildew forming behind paintings, mirrors etc.
  • Stains or watermarks on ceilings or walls
  • Mouldy ceilings and walls, particularly in kitchens or bathrooms
  • Problems with areas of rotting wood in the structure of your house
  • Damp or mould under the house.


  • Cooking – 3.0 Litre per day
  • Clothes washing – 0.5 per Litre day
  • Showers and baths – 1.5 per Litre day (per person)
  • Dishes – 1.0 Litre per day
  • Clothes drying (unvented) – 5.0 Litre per load
  • Gas heater (unflued) – Up to 1.0 Litre per hour
  • Breathing, active – 0.2 Litre per hour (per person)
  • Breathing, asleep 0.02 Litre per hour (per person)
  • Perspiration – 0.03 per Litre hour
  • Pot plants – as much as you give them

Benefits of Ventilation

Condensation Control, Health Advantages, Pure Air, Positive Air Pressure, Free Heat when available, Cost Savings to heating bills, No More Odours or Dampness, Protect Your Home and Assets

Choose the right Home Ventilation System

Home Ventilation System should have good quality Filter, ducts and should be able to pass Fresh Air properly and should transfer Heat in proportion. Also check that the house ventilation system has the Warranty and what’s the cost to run it. Air ventilation systems should be easy and simple to use.

Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation System


Home Ventilation Filters

The filters used in Air Ventilation Systems are of Hospital Grade for getting Pure Air In the Home. The filters used are HEPA Filters and check more about hepa filters on WiKi Pedia and about Home Ventilation
Zephyr Air Home Ventilation Systems are Made & designed in New Zealand and are installed by the certified installers.


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