Condensation Control

When conditions that promote condensation arise, the system automatically brings in highly filtered air to slightly pressurise the home.

The dry air displaces the damp air and condensation is heavily reduced. The system continues to dry out the home over time so soft furniture, drapes, bedding and carpets are slowly dried out too.

There are major health benefits in homes free of mould spores and dust mites, together with a lower relative humidity.

The Zephyr System takes into account the desired temperature in the home so if it is warm enough in winter, or when operating during summer, air is brought in through the outside grill.

Heat Reclaim

Your roof space heats up through lost heat from the home and even more from the sun. The system automatically uses that free heat to bring your home temperature up to the desired temperature that you set at the control pad.

By allowing the Zephyr system to heat your home all day, your existing heating system only has to be used a fraction of the time to top up the heat when the sun goes down. Significant cost savings can be achieved through this feature.

Fresh Air Change

The Zephyr Pure Air System is the only system that ensures the air in your home is replaced with highly filtered fresh air every 12 hours, 365 days of the year. This helps to purge out pollutants and odours, with fresh air being introduced for your family day and night.

Fresh Air Change is a great feature during the summer when no condensation control operates to carry out air changes in your home. This is ideal for holiday homes that may be locked up for periods of time.

Summer Cooling

During the warmer months the Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system will automatically bring cool outside air in to thermostatically reduce the temperature in the home to a comfortable level.

While your roof space may still be very hot hours after the sun has gone down, by introducing air through the from the outside grill, summer cooling can be achieved.

Cool outside air gently moving through the home makes it much easier to sleep on those hot, humid nights.

Heat Transfer

You have the option to add a Heat Transfer kit to your Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system that will allow you to move warm air from a room with a radiant heat source like a fire, through the HEPA filter and existing ductwork, to other areas of the home.

Control is at your fingertips so you can select the length of time the Zephyr Pure Air Ventilation system transfers warm air around the home.

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